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TreasurySoft Management services offer expertise to help organizations realize maximum return on investment for automating treasury operations. TreasurySoft professionals are highly skilled to provide their skills and expertise related to treasury operations to match customer needs.

The various services provided by TreasurySoft Consulting are:

  • Assessment and Fit/Gap Analysis: Identifying and streamlining business processes to seamlessly integrate with PeopleSoft Treasury applications into the business processes.
  • Business Area Risk Management: Helping clients identify and manage risks for effective management of Treasury operations.
  • Business Area Operations Improvement: Assisting clients in implementing process controls and regulatory requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley Act across the enterprise.
  • Implementation: Install and configure PeopleSoft Treasury applications based on customer requirement.
  • Migration/Integrations from Legacy systems: Converting and integrating current applications to PeopleSoft Treasury applications.
  • Training: Providing training for the end-user community to realize the full potential of PeopleSoft Treasury applications.
  • Upgrades/Enhancements: Providing support for PeopleSoft Treasury applications due to changes in organization needs, regulatory changes and technology revolution along with PeopleSoft patches/fixes.